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बी .ए . B. A. Part II

B. A. Part II

Note - 1 : Optioal subjects are divided into following four groups
It is compulsary to choose one subject from any 2 groups
(1)MarAthi / Political Science
(2)Hindi / Psychology
(3)English / History / Economics
(4)Geography / Philosophy

Note - 2 : The selection of interdisiplinary subjects and optional subjects should match with each other.
The optional subjects matched with interdiciplinary subjects (At least one) co-operation , Economics , Political Science , History (H.S.R.M), Political Science , History , Psychology Marathi , (Philosophy) any one optional subject.

Compalsary Subject : English
An interdisciplinary subject is one of the following. 1) H. S. R. M. 2) Logic (M) electives subject: b. A. In each of the four elective subjects selected in Part 1, select two papers of any two subjects .

  • Marathi Paper II and III

  • Hindi Paper II and III

  • Economics II and III

  • History II and III

  • Political Science II and III

  • Philosophy II and III

  • Psychology II and III

  • Geography II and III

B. A. Part III

Compulsary Subjects : English Elective Subject: Five Papers for Special Interest B. A. Choose one of the four elective subjects selected in Part 1.

  • English paper (IV to VIII)

  • Geography (IV to VIII)

  • Hindi paper (IV to VIII)

  • History Paper (IV to VIII)

  • Marathi (IV to VIII)

  • Political Science (IV to VIII)

  • Psychology Paper (IV to VIII)