Welcome To Namdevrao Suryavanshi (Bedke )College


Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College was established on August 18, 2004. Shriram Education Society, operated by Phaltan, is a college providing higher education to students in rural areas of Phaltan taluka. The college, founded by the founder president of Shriram Education Society, Late Namdevrao Balwantrao Suryawanshi (Bedke), established the College of Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke). Sriram Education Society Phaltan recently celebrated the Silver Festival. Eleven plants were planted in semi-urban areas like Phaltan. Today it is seen that the plant has been converted into a tree.

Shivaji University, Kolhapur, affiliated "Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College" seems to be on the way from 2004 to various destinations on a permanent unaudited basis. The college does not receive grants in any form of Government of Maharashtra. The Honorable Shri., The then Honorary General Secretary of the Institute, established the college. Subhashrao Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) started the college with a noble intention to open the doors of higher education in Phaltan taluka with great effort and with great honor, both his Honorable Shri Sachin Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) and Mahendra Subhash (Bedek). Slowly planted.

Initially, these colleges consisted of BA Part I and B.Com. In Part One, 100 students were studying. Since the college was permanently unaided, many problems had arisen before this college. That is why today, this college appears in Shivaji University. BA in college. There are seven departments operating for part three; These include Marathi, Hindi, English, political science, geography, psychology and history. Since 2004, various programs have been organized under the National Service Scheme and every year a residential camp of the National Service Scheme is organized in one of the villages. Many students have shone on the university's quality list in college. The college is not far behind in sports. Many students of this college receive quality awards in hockey, wrestling and athletics. The journey to college has been spectacular. Initially, the physical facilities were scarce, but if we look at this college today, we all have to wonder how this college has become so successful without any form of grant. This would actually mean a huge contribution to the organization.

Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College has all the necessary infrastructure available. The college is working on the guidance of various competitive examinations. Employment opportunities are provided to many students every year through the Employment Guiding Room. Through the Department of Culture, college students are seen performing brilliantly at university level youth festivals. Students from rural areas are getting more education in these colleges. This student, who grew up in a poor and peasant family, is constantly involved in the development and movement of the college. Various activities that are implemented under the National Service Scheme. The College has been honored with the third rank of Satara District Level Award for the academic year 2018-19 and 2019-20. Because under the National Service Scheme, blood donation camp is organized every year on the anniversary of Yashwantrao Chavan on 12th March and on the birthday of the honorary secretary of the organization, Sachin Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke). Likewise, Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palakhi, during the stay of Palkhi, arranges the Dindas of the Warkaris in the premises of the institute. Also, on the day of Anant Chaturdashi, the immersion of domestic Ganesh idols is done in artificial pond in the college premises. This tradition has been going on for the last ten years.

The departure of Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College has been spectacular. Honorary Secretary of the Institute, Sachin Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke), is pursuing higher education as well as vocational courses and BS in this college. He intends to make various courses like C available to students in Phaltan taluka. They are always active. The college is launching its 16th year today and the Sriram Education Society Phaltan just celebrated the Silver Festival year, the tradition and educational fat of such a year will be considered as a special attribute of this institution. Honorable Subhash Kaka Suryawanshi (Bedke), the president of the institute, speaks from time to time, saying that poor students should learn and become self-sufficient. It seems that there is no obstacle for the college that has got such a tradition that it will not be able to overcome the various horizons.