Welcome To Namdevrao Suryavanshi (Bedke )College


Shriram Education Society stands as the focal point of the rural area of Phaltan taluka. Established in 1959, it is a pleasure to celebrate the Silver Festival today. These ivory saplings planted by Karmaveer Nanas have transformed into a giant kya tree. While working as a secretary in such an organization, there are several objectives;

Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College has been in existence for the last 15 years on a permanent non-subsidized basis under Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Even though there is no grant in any form the Government, this college seems to be progressing far more than the aided college in terms of quality.

Many facilities such as college building, physical facilities, library, computer room and entire college premises with Wi-Fi are provided in this college. Keeping in mind the health issues of the students, RO Filter facilities are available in various branches and colleges of the institute. With the goal of ensuring that no student should be deprived of higher education, the Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Science was started in 2004.

The globalization process has created huge competition in all spheres of society today, in which the student should stand competent; For this the competition examination guidance center is going on in the college. The question of employment arises after getting education; Therefore, students who have graduated out of college have been given job opportunities in many companies through campus interviews through employment guidance room. Students from rural areas like Phaltan are showing their proficiency in different fields. Even though he is financially poor, this student will always be on the move. A student who is not far behind in literature, sports, social work, labor and quality, is being produced in college today.

A well-equipped library is available in the college. Students certainly benefit from it. The tradition of shining a student on the quality list of Shivaji University has been with the establishment of the College It is the only college in the National Service scheme and the only unaided college in the state, which has received the District Level Third Award for two consecutive years. The college is always at the forefront of spreading the Government of India scheme in the Gram Panchayat in Phaltan taluka through the Advanced Bharat Yojana. The professor who teaches at this college is highly versatile. This is why the student is leading in different fields today. The college intends to start many courses like self-employment.

We deeply appreciate the student's progress, success, quality and wish him the best in his future.

Shri. Sachin Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke)
Honorary secretary
Shriram Education Society, Phaltan