Welcome To Namdevrao Suryavanshi (Bedke )College

Mr. Subhashrao Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke)

Honorable President
Shriram Education Society, Phaltan

Shriram Education Society was founded in 1959 by Karmayogi Namdevrao Suryavanshi (Bedke). With the inspiration of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, Karmayogi Nana worked to spread the knowledge to poor but talented students from Phaltan tahsil. From the establishment of the institution the college is providing quality education.

" विद्येविना मती गेली। मतिविना नीती गेली। नीतिविना गती गेली। गतिविना वित्त गेले। वित्ताविना शूद्र खचले। इतके अनर्थ एका अविद्येने केले।।"

Mahatma Phule emphasized the importance of education 150 years ago. In 2004, Shivaji University Kolhapur affiliated permanent unaided college namely Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College, Phaltan was started in the name of Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) also known as Karmayogi Nana.

The purpose of the college is to spread higher education in rural areas of Phaltan’s agrestic villages. In the rural areas illiteracy is at its peak. The founders of the college wanted to provide education followed by job opportunities to the students having rural background.

The college has gained popularity in many fields through programs like National- Service Scheme that is NSS, cultural division of the college, sports division of the college.

Through this schemes and committees administration wants to help students in achieving their goals by promoting their leadership and creativity. Students always showcase their skills at university level Youth Festivals under the cultural department of the college.

Since the establishment of the college many students have signed on the list of quality of Shivaji-University Kolhapur.

Many students of the college have gained excellence in various sports like hockey, wrestling and other individual games. This tradition continues to this date. In the drought prone areas like Phaltan agriculture laborers’ and their dependents are always admitted to various branches of Shriram Education Society Phaltan.

Administration believes that the student should not be deprived of education. With the noble aim of introducing the vocations of business education along with traditional education, Karmayogi Subhashrao Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) started the college Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) college also has an internal accredited telecommunication study centre affiliated by Shivaji University Kolhapur

Master of Arts and master of commerce are the courses that are provided to the students via this centre. Computer equipped computer labs are available in the college, Wi-Fi facilities have been provided in the college premises. Employment opportunities are provided to many students every year through the employment guiding class. We are proud that countless students have attended this college and are successful in their lives.

We believe that education is the key to life and our college is always excited to provide the education.

Best wishes to the students for their future.