Welcome To Namdevrao Suryavanshi (Bedke )College


"The wisdom, the humility, the compassion, the hard work and the effort put into it make the present and future truly glorious, and the period of experiencing it is the state of the student."

Dear Students and Parents,

Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) took the initiative to spread the Ganges of education in rural areas like Phaltan by the inspiration of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, who performed holy acts of education and educated the poor. In the year 1959 Sali Nana founded Shriram Education Society with the help of his colleagues. After independence, education did not really reach the village; a charity like Nana spent all his life working to reach the Ganges. I consider it my fate that I was given the opportunity to serve in such a great sacred institution by the Hon'ble President Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) and the Honorary Secretary of the Society, Sachin Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke).

In fact, the Suryawanshi (Bedke) family is a fast-moving family for the poor, and the legacy of the third generation is still visible today in the form of their knowledge. From elementary education to higher education, as well as a pharmacy college in the suburban areas like Phaltan, you have the opportunity to educate the general public, giving your students the opportunity to study in such an institution. Respect, this is your college Is justified. The college has been established under the inspiration of Karmayogi Nana, who has played an important role in the future of countless students. Our mission is to transform students into rational, thoughtful, capable leadership, future generations of the country, intelligent citizens and spiritually enlightened individuals. I am confident that my student, who is here, will always take the name of college and institute in various fields for service to the country.

Shivaji University, Kolhapur, affiliated Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College has been running continuously in non-subsidized form since 2004. Today the college is completing fifteen years; During this period of fifteen years, there have been many changes in the colleges, the college with less student population has reached around 700 students today. Due to the unanimous approval of the same piece in permanent unapproved format, not everyone can get admission even though the number of students is higher, because of the college which is convenient for the students in the rural areas and for the poor and vulnerable children; Look at your college. ST The college campus is always buzzing with the front of the stand.

Considering the interests of the students, they are provided with job opportunities through employment guidance classroom Cultural events provide a variety of opportunities for the students. Through the National Service Scheme, the ability of the workers to work themselves is adopted. A student who is full of such different skills and skills, takes pride in being present in the community. Although job opportunities are not available, they are mentored in colleges to be commercially viable. While the organization debuted in the silver years; The organization is still viewed as a trusted organization today; Because many generations have been educated in this institution. In the age of globalization and industrialization, our college is the focus of our college.

I urge students and parents; In today's age, education certainly embraces various principles. But these principles are automatically absorbed in different occasions, in conflict, while living life. Unemployment is one of the major problems facing the country as well. In their society, they have learned that they should get government jobs and students should only seek government jobs as they have learned their profession. But; Beside this, we should dedicate our duty to those tasks, whether they are private in various sectors today. Not everyone will get a government job; But it's important to be professionally competent.

We are always faced with different problems after learning and continuing education. Thus, without life's efforts, struggles, and proper goals, we are not satisfied with our work. Therefore, no work is high or low quality. This is the view that students should keep in mind and that their parents should always encourage their children; So that they can make their own lives.

After graduating from college, my student will see the stigma in the community; So, as a principal, my chest will always swell with pride. I sincerely wish students the best in life and to achieve new goals.

Principal in charge,
Prof.Dr. D.R. Raut- Pawar