Welcome To Namdevrao Suryavanshi (Bedke )College


Shriram Education Society was founded in 1959 by Namdevrao Balwantrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) and his then colleagues. ShriRam Education Society was established by the nuns for the noble purpose of spreading the knowledge of education in rural areas like Phaltan.

Inspired by Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, the children of poor farmer families in rural areas opened the pulses of education. Children of poor people should be educated in the areas that are broken into permanent drought-stricken areas like Phaltan; For this noble purpose started schooling in Phaltan and rural areas. Evalese saplings planted by Karmayogi Nanas have transformed into a tree today. Shriram Education Society has expanded to such an extent that today thousands of students are studying here and thousands of students are leaving with education. Shriram Education Society appears to be popularized by the right to education of the poor and poor.

Shriram Education Society has facilitated from primary education to higher education. A pharmacy college has been established in the semi-urban areas like Phaltan. Many of the students in the academic complex appear to be raising their fame. Students are always at the forefront of sports, culture and culture. This institution is created by the quality students. The premises of Shriram Education Society are grand and environmentally friendly. Because of the ST stand adjacent to the institute, students always get more education in the education institute. Chairman of the Institute, Honorable Subhashrao Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke), Honorary Secretary of the Institute, Sachin Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) and Member of the Board of Directors Shri. Mahendra Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) appears to be working relentlessly for the organization.

Online access to various branches of the organization is provided. The organization's campus is Wi-Fi. All students studying in the institute have access to pure water. All physical facilities are provided in various branches within the organization. There are a large number of playgrounds available to the students in the education complex. Today the branch expansion of the organization is seen in the rural areas of Phaltan taluka.

The organization has just celebrated the Silver Festival. Honorary Secretary of the Institute, Sachin Subhashrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) is always at the forefront of the various facilities for the students and for improving their educational quality. Today, he has made a radical change in the organization, the attitude of the institution has always remained radiant and the work that continues to look like it continues today.

Shriram Education Society, Phaltan
Phaltan Dist. Satara

Names of Branches

1) Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College, Phaltan
2) Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College, Phaltan
           (Shivaji University, Kolhapur Accredited Teaching Center)
3) Namdevrao Suryawanshi (Bedke) College, Phaltan
           (Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik M.Com Course Center)
4) Mrs. Venutai Chavan College of Pharmacy, Phaltan
5) Yashwantrao Chavan High School, Phaltan
6) Yashwantrao Chavan High School, Technical Department, Phaltan
7) Yashwantrao Chavan Junior College A Level Level Bilingual Department, Phaltan
8) Yashwantrao Chavan Junior College, Phaltan
9) Yashwantrao Chavan Higher Secondary Business Curriculum A Level 8 Fault
10) Mrs. Venutai Chavan Girls' High School, Phaltan
11) Mrs. Venutai Chavan Girls' High School, Technical Department, Phaltan
12) Mrs. Venutai Chavan Girls Junior College, Phaltan
13) Mrs. Venutai Chavan Girls' Higher Secondary Business Course, Phaltan
14) Mrs. Venutai Chavan High School, Tardgaon Tal. Phaltan
15) Mrs. Venutai Chavan High School Technical Department, Tardgaon Phaltan
16) Mrs. Venutai Chavan High School and Junior College, Tardgaon Ta. Phaltan
17) Mr. Janai High School, Rajale Tal. Phaltan
18) Mr. Janai High School Technical Department, Rajale Tal. Phaltan
19) Shri Janai High School and Junior College, Rajale Phaltan
20) Chhatrapati Shivaji High School, Wakhari Ta. Phaltan
21) Mahatma Phule High School Sassawad, Tal. Phaltan
22) Mahatma Phule Junior College, Saswad Tal. Phaltan
23) Rich MalojiRaje Primary School, Phaltan
24) Child Temple, Phaltan